Pari Prints

Mission Statement


Our Purposes:

a) Appreciating Dustin Pari for who he is: a motivating, inspiring, awesome sauce soul who brings hope where hope has been missing, who prays where prayer has been lost, who believes when believers have been hurt, in solitude, and afraid to speak out.

b) #PariPrints: Motivational posters of Dustin’s quotes are put up everyday: really, Dustin comes up with them, Jenn just designs them. They are his quotes on his pictures, Jenn just pick which ones – we often ask supporters to submit quotes as well. Our motive: to make sure his inspirational words are seen by many, and that his supporters can see, be inspired, print, do what they please, and most of all:

c) Spreading the message: grow hope, love, faith – ensure that others know there is support, a hand to hold, a hug available, a place to come to see that others are around that believe in them and their journey – and to give even one, maybe a few, or more the mindset to say: