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The Beauty of Hope


Good afternoon, friends. Wherever you may be, or whatever time it may be where you are - know this: you are loved, and you matter.

It's been two and a half years now since Pari Prints started. In March, we'll celebrate three years. I came on to blog today because I wanted to thank everyone for such amazing support. 

Support for spreading hope, such positivity, bringing light to such inspiring messages, and being there for each other when times seem dark. 

My biggest realization however, came when thinking about all I've learned through doing this site and all of these projects. When I first began doing all of this, it was an idea I conjured up in the ER waiting room one day - and now here we are. It was because I found Dustin Pari so inspiring, I loved his work - I wanted to spread that message with him and for him, and since then - I have tell you, my admiration and respect for him has grown to an entire new level.

If you haven't met Dustin - I must tell you, he is one of the most profound, patient, compassionate, loving, kind, gentle, humble, sweet, inspiring, hard working, dedicated, and accepting individuals I have ever met in my life - hands down. As time has passed, I've learned this more about him. On a daily basis he touches more lives and he changes the world in another way - his existence or another motion he makes to be even kinder to someone else, brings hope to someone that may not have had that much before, and it's something the world has been missing.

What he does differently - is that he never takes anything, or anyone for granted. He is grateful. He takes time when he doesn't have it, and he brings smiles to faces that often held smiles in the back of their souls covered in dust and cobwebs just waiting for that other heart to come and give them the message it was okay to do so. While I knew Dustin was different when I first came across him - I really had no idea it was to this extent - honestly. Going to events, talking to him, seeing him interact with others, and all he gives to try, try, and try harder for the greater of the good - it has changed my life, and I know it changes lives daily.

Pari Prints has brought me so much joy to do. Spreading the message of someone whom I believe in with all of my heart - and whom is truly one of the most incredible human beings alive is a blessing. While time passes, things change, and all things have their moments and times, this will ALWAYS mean something to me to do. Whether it touches one life or many, it brings such a solace to my soul to know that all of this - is for all of that. What a brilliant human. For all of thos who haven't attended his lectures, or who haven't met him, who see him from a distance maybe you wonder: let me tell you. He's all that.

You don't meet many people like him - take time to really grasp the quality of passion, the humanity that he encompasses and let that be a catalyst to lead by example. While no one is perfect - all of our imperfections could lead to the biggest of positive change if we just keep believing and HE taught me that. 

Thank YOU for believing - for spreading Pari Prints, but most of all, for continuing to believe in such a cherished, treasured, and incredible message and human that is changing things. It warms my heart to see people at his lectures, to see him doing so much, to see the people that adore him just the way that he deserves - he is a blessing, and Dustin if you're reading - please know the magnitude of what you have done for so many.

While the website may not be updated as much as I would like - know behind the scenes my heart is here, and I am always going to give whatever I can to propel this into the universe. Where dark times are - there's always light. In two and a half years I've learned - never dim yours. Keep shining, and together, we can all lead by example - keep spreading the love, and all my gratitude for the hope, the joy, and every bit of faith you feel because you took another breath when you thought you couldn't. You all matter - what you've done matters, your support matters. A print is a print - but for this spectacular human - so much more. THAT'S how we make a difference - and he's a difference maker.

Shine on.

Jennifer Stephens