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I may only be here for a brief moment in time but I hope I do something that makes a difference to someone.
— Dustin Pari

Imprints are photos from supporters that have been touched by Dustin Pari in their lives. These photos are symbols of the marks of difference that he has made and how his positive impact continues day by day. If you would like an imprint, tweet or email anytime (@PariPrints on Twitter, ) - you do not need a photo with Dustin, or to have met Dustin for an imprint - feel free to send a photo of yourself, with an autograph, or yourself holding a letter - anything! Imprints are your way of saying how your life has been imprinted by his messages!


Trisha calls Dustin a "magical magnet" - saying he makes her laugh, smile, and feel good about life.
Tina says Dustin brings out the greatness in others while spreading hope, love, kindness, and happy nonsense. He is a true inspiration.
Staci is inspired by Dustin's message and often posts how her world is touched by his messages to never give up. Dustin is a true force of positive hope and impact in her life.
Chelsea is inspired by Dustin's daily motivational quotes and by how he tells people to never give up. Her favorite quote of Dustin's is "Never let the bastards get you down." She is also inspired by Dustin's generosity and kindness.
Dustin inspires her by his inner wisdom. Kari says he is a beautiful, wise old soul. She is forever grateful for their friendship. 
Saying he inspires her to always do her best and to never give up, Fayth looks up to Dustin and how kind hearted he is.
Pamela says that Dustin has inspired her to never give up. To always look on the bright side of life.
Norma says that while she has never met Dustin in person, she would love to. She is out of work at this time and because of him, she has not given up. His messages keep her going. She also says his books are the best - and thank God for him!
Dustin is my idol. He has helped me renew my faith in God! He makes me feel like I matter. He means more to me than words can express. Dustin has made a substantial impact on my life. He has been one of my idols/favorite paranormal investigators since I was younger and saw him on GH and GHI. He has helped me renew my faith in God. He makes me a better person and makes me want to feel better about myself. He always knows just what to say to make anyone feel better.I have some of my favorite sayings as my wallpaper just as a reminder that things will be okay. Dustin is a wonderful human being and I'm grateful for all that he does! I hope to meet him one day and give him a huge hug and let him know what a big impact he has truly made on me and my life!
I'm also a paranormal investigator for 9 years. He has taught me that to go after what I love no matter what obstacles I can - - I'm more strong than any obstacles I will face.
  Dustin seen here with Staci Porter at Missouri State Penitentiary on September 9, 2017.

Dustin seen here with Staci Porter at Missouri State Penitentiary on September 9, 2017.

Dustin always believes in us. His hopeful heart has changed my life, and his compassion enriches my spirit. He continues to change the world moment by moment - and it is amazing to see how his genuine, grateful nature brings such grace to those around him. (Jenn S., Pari Prints Manager)
Glenn and Amy are inspired by Dustin's messages of hope and positivity. Amy says Dustin's message came into her life the exact moment she needed to hear it and that he has impacted her life in a huge way by inspiring her to be the best version of herself.
Miranda says Dustin is a positive in a negative world. He inspires her to focus on the good in bad situations and to hand out hope to others around her.
Jennifer says Dustin is the most beautiful soul she has ever met. Calling him a rare gem, she says Dustin is an absolute blessing in her life.
Christina waited a long ten years to finally meet Dustin Pari in person! "There was a lot of love in this hug!" she says! Christina is inspired by how Dustin always looks at the world with optimism and sees the light from the dark.
"Dustin has encouraged me and supported me in a time when things were most difficult. I learned to give my attention to the positive things in life and not let the "bastards get me down." He helped me regain my breath and see the light again." -Katie M.
Colleen says Dustin inspires her to know that in spite of dark days, that there is love and light around the corner and instills in her the spirit of Christmas year round.
"He inspired me to hold on to my faith when I went through my period of infertility. Every time I felt it was slipping, he was there with uplifting words. It's like he was sent to me straight from God." -Kelly G.
Kimmi Jo says that Dustin has inspired her to want to help others who need love, compassion, and genuine understanding. She says Dustin is one of the greatest role models around with his passion for life and inspiring others to share kindness everywhere.
Dustin and I crossed paths back in 2010. Quite unbeknownst to me at the time, what started out as a simple paranormal investigation, later forged a friendship that has supplied me with enough humor, wisdom, and inspiration for two lifetimes!

Dustin's Birthday Print: July 12, 2017