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Jenn Stephens (The Pari Prints Lady)

Hi, I’m Jenn. I’m 37 years old wife and proud mother of 3 beautiful children. I love football, I’m a Hokie, avid tweeter, into the paranormal, music, I adore inspiring writing and I have a poetic soul of my own. I’m very grateful for nachos and other fun foods that do not require forks.

Pari Prints began in March 2015.  It’s spreading Dustin Pari’s incredible messages and imprinting all of his hope and inspiration into the world – far and wide.

For a little more of an in depth idea of what Pari Prints is - be sure to check out our mission statement!


Meeting Dustin Pari

That’s me back in April 2015 with Dustin at an event in Pennsylvania. That was the first time I met him. I first knew of Dustin not from Ghost Hunters, but from seeing his inspiring words and writing fly across my Twitter feed back in 2014. He is absolutely stellar, and from there, all of this came to be.



For Dustin's Official Site Information

Dustin and I – 4/2017. This is my favorite photo with him – it makes me smile – and a continuous reminder of his warm, gentle, incredible soul. For his official information please visit his website:

While this project is run with permission from Dustin Pari it does not officially represent Dustin Pari - for all official information - please visit